Mini All Ireland Tournament

All week there have been mini Gaelic matches going on at breaktimes. All teams had players from Junior Infants up to 3rd class. It was a great way to mix and learn skills from older classes.

The final was on today, Galway vs Monaghan.

It was a very exciting match!

Our supporters were ready

The players were in a parade before the match started.

It was a tight game with Monaghan coming out as the final winners.

The match was very delayed as it was a draw for so long. Apologies to all the Junior and Senior Infant parents who were waiting. We did expect the match and prize giving to be finished by 1.30. Like a typical All-Ireland final that was not the case!

Huge well done to all involved and to Joe, Ger, Ms Brady, Mr Moloney and Mr O Brien for organising the competition.

There were even Irish dancers there to entertain us at half time!

Well done to Monaghan who won and well done to Galway who were winning till the end.

We were very proud of our two players! They represented Junior Infants brilliantly!


Our two Junior Infant players! 

Third Class Projects

Third class have been really busy in June working on an animal project. Most children chose an endangered animal to work on. We spent sessions in the computer room researching our animals answering questions about habitat, diet, classification and predators. They had a lot of fun doing their work and presenting their work. They even got to present their work to Senior Infants! 



School Garden

Ms Egan's class had a great time exploring the school garden today. 

Ms Garde and Joe were there to help us harvest some radishes, lettuce, peas and strawberries. We had a delicious salad back in the classroom.



We even got our photo taken for the Bray People so keep an eye on tomorrow or next week's edition. 



Keep an eye on our class blog for more images.

Our School Team in the Wicklow Sports!

Our school team did an amazing job on Wednesday June 7th in Charlesland for the Wicklow Sports and everyone who was chosen to represent our school as the best in their sport preformed really well.

Amazingly we had a lot of winners on the day showing we have some of the best sports people in Wicklow here in our school!!!

Congratulations to all our athletes - We are very proud of all of you!

List of Winners;

1st place

Luca Copolla in the 50m U10

Samanta Stepite in the 80m U11

Kara Molloy in the 100m U12

Jamie Lee Hanlin in the Long Throw U12

2nd place

Jake Ebbs in the Long Throw 

Kamil Mazur in the Long Jump U12

3rd place

Danielle Doyle in the 50m U9

Timur Demirkol in the 50m U9


4th Sports Tour in UCD

The two 4th classes had the best day ever in UCD. From the minute we got there  we were on the go non stop. It was one of the hottest days of the year and we were so hot but we didn't care because we were having so much fun.  We got to go zorbing and rock climbing. We played lacrosse, we did an obstacle course and so much more - check out our pics.... 

Knitting Club

Knitting Club decided to take advantage of the sunny weather this week.


Knitting Club is offered from 4th-6th class. Knitting Club is free unless your child needs needles and wool then there is a cost of €6.



Knitting Club is full for beginners this year but will be offered again next year and more beginners are welcome. 


A small number of places were offered to children in 1st class who could knit already. As this was the first year Ms Egan had to restrict numbers but next year more children will be invited to join.  


Watch this space for more exciting knitting projects next year! 

UCD Week 6

We had such an amazing day at UCD for our final week. We got a tour around all the sports grounds and buildings. We even saw the Olympic size swimming pool. It was so cool!

After that we learned all about rockets and then we got to make our own. It was so much fun.

We got to let them off outside and they were so impressive that we had an audience of college students watching us.

To top it all off we even got fed before going home. We are so sad its all over but we were the luckiest class in the school to get this opportunity.

Thanks so much to UCD!!

Fishing for frogs!

This week we got to study some tadpoles in the science lab with Grace. We noticed that some of them were starting to grow legs! After that, we went outside to our pond and tried to catch some frogs. Michael managed to catch 3 frogs!!!  


Michael and Ross worked together to catch the first frog! 

UCD week 5

Today we went to UCD and learned about the body and bacteria  


She is looking bored there isn't she 😂😂 


Ewww urine😣😣 


Don't spill that pee!! 


Busy being scientists! 🤣🤣 


Testing urine samples for diabetes 👍🏻😝😝😝


That test tube is very close to the edge of the table 🙈 


Be careful don't spill the pee😂😂 


Nice face there 😂😂 


This is so gross 😣 


It smells so bad !!! 


Just like perfume! 


Fascinating stuff! 


Talking science!