St. Fergal’s National School Parents Association

 St. Fergal’s School has a long history of a very vibrant and active parents association. The role of the parents association is to encourage and enhance our children’s education. We run different events during the school year, some of which are mentioned below and we are always at hand to help the teachers in anyway we can. Members of the parents association often volunteer their time to help in the school.

Some of the events that the parents association run or volunteer their time to are :

  • Annual Cake Sale

  • Book Fair

  • Christmas Raffle

  • Paired Reading

  • Maths for fun

The parents association also runs a very successful savings scheme in the school. The children are encouraged to save each week so they can learn the importance of saving for the future, it is an extremely popular way for our parents to save for the coming school year.

The parents association are always looking for new members, the amount of commitment any member wants to give is completely at their own discretion.

 If you would be interested in joining the parents association or if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at the following email address;