Our Fabulous New Buddy Bench

A massive THANK YOU to our local Connect BNYP Youth Group who have worked together over the last few months to hanmale this beautiful rainbow Buddy bench for our Junior Yard.

Buddy Bench are part of a new idea that is evidence based to help promote our school's positive children’s mental health program. They help to empower children to foster friendships and eliminate loneliness in the playground. 

If your child feels lonely in the yard they can sit at the Buddy Bench and find a friend. We will encourage our children to show friendship and kindness by inviting and including children who are sitting on the Buddy Bench into their games. 


Our school children testing out the Buddy Bench for the first time!


The presentation of the Buddy Bench to our school ❤


Mr Sargent expressing our thanks for the amazing gift of the Buddy Bench from our local Connect BYNP youth group