Local History

The 4th classes have been learning all about the Bray town hall this term. We asked lots of questions including:

When was it built? Why it was built? Who built it?

We looked at lots of pictures of the building both modern and old. Here are a few of them...

After reading some information about the Brabazon family – we were lucky enough to be able to walk down and have a look at the building close up.

We see it all the time but this time we were able to go upstairs and see where the first town council meeting was held. We even saw where our very own Mr O’ Brien and Mr Behan sit when they attend town council meetings.

We re-enacted a town council meeting while we were there and discovered the answers to all our questions about the building and the statue in front of it.

Afterwards, we did some artwork and wrote out some of our newly learnt facts about the building.

Have a look at our pics and facts. Maybe you'll learn something new as well!