After School Club: Debating

Debate Club takes place every Tuesday after school. It is run by Ms. Connolly and Ms. Clarke and is only open to students in 6th Class.

Students in Debate Club learn how to write debates and speeches, and most of all, they learn to do so with confidence. A number of topics or ‘motions’ are covered every year. From ‘Aliens are Real’ to ‘Feminism has been a Success’, the students really enjoy picking are researching topics before presenting their debates to an audience.

This year has been particularly exciting for the Debate Club. Not only have they taken part in a number of in school debates, they have also researched and delivered speeches on the use of plastics in our school. They even presented to the staff at the staff meeting, as pictured below, and will soon be speaking at assemblies. Well done to all members of the Debate Team on their hard work, commitment and dedication!


4th Sports Tour in UCD

The two 4th classes had the best day ever in UCD. From the minute we got there  we were on the go non stop. It was one of the hottest days of the year and we were so hot but we didn't care because we were having so much fun.  We got to go zorbing and rock climbing. We played lacrosse, we did an obstacle course and so much more - check out our pics.... 

UCD Week 6

We had such an amazing day at UCD for our final week. We got a tour around all the sports grounds and buildings. We even saw the Olympic size swimming pool. It was so cool!

After that we learned all about rockets and then we got to make our own. It was so much fun.

We got to let them off outside and they were so impressive that we had an audience of college students watching us.

To top it all off we even got fed before going home. We are so sad its all over but we were the luckiest class in the school to get this opportunity.

Thanks so much to UCD!!

UCD week 4

Today, for the fourth time we went to UCD. We had a lot of fun. We learned about energy. 


Someone's looking sad! 


Scientists in action!

Thumbs up!👍🏻 


Mixing hot water 💦 and cold water 💦  


Red Stains on the table!Opps! 


Scientifically Putting Colours in cups! 


Looking scientific! 


pose for the camera 🎥  

Gather around! It's amazing 😉  

Gather around! It's amazing 😉  

Look 👀 it's working! 

Look 👀 it's working! 

Yay 😊 Science! 

Yay 😊 Science! 


Balloons 🎈 


Italy and Australia

In 4th class we have been learning all about Italy and Australia. 

We know all about the Ancient Romans, Mt. Vesuvius and the foods of Italy. We even learned some Italian words. 

We learned all about the weird and wonderful animals of Australia and the native aborigine people. We did some art work just like the aborigines do. It is called Dot Painting.

We decided that we were such experts on Italy and Australia that we should make some PowerPoints on the computer and present them to each other. The classes had great fun learning new skills on the computer and presenting our projects to each other - it was pretty nerve wracking standing up in front of a whole class like that but now we know how teacher feels every day!

Here are some pictures of our presentations, and our displays,,,


UCD Science Club

4th class went to UCD again today. We made robots and had a robot war. Unfortunately some of them fell over. We had lots of fun! We had a bumpy ride there and back!


The winners of the war in action! 


Very Scientific-ish!


Waiting for a robot to work....Boring isn't it? 


Here is the ring for the robot wars.  


Gather Round folks! Welcome to robot wars!


The 2nd Placers...Ohh we'll try again next time! 



The winners are Victorious! 


Here is a close up of one of the robots we made



The new fashion:Toothbrush shoes! 

6 Week 4th Class UCD Science Program

Ms Connolly's 4th class have been very lucky. We were invited to the UCD science Department for a 6 week program.  

Every Tuesday we hop on the bus to UCD to take part in some very exciting experiments.  

The first week we got a tour of the whole building and did a cool whirlwind experiment using plastic bottles. Check out our pics... 


This week we learned how to make slime. We experimented with different materials to see which makes the best slime. Here are our pics... 


Debate Club

Our Debate team had a great win before Christmas against Holy Rosary NS, Wicklow Town.

The three girls did our school very proud. Here are some pictures of them in action...

This term we are preparing the other members of the club for their debut debate with the topic of racism. The group are working hard getting their speeches ready in time to show case the debate to some of the senior classes in the school in February.

After Mid Term we will be inviting Holy Rosary back to St Fergal's for another debate. 

Debate Club

Our 6th Class Debate club takes place every Tuesday after school from 2:30 -3:30pm. We discuss a range of issues that affect the students' lives as well as current affairs. Topics can vary from new school uniforms to the presidential election in the US.

We have great fun arguing with each other.

The team will be taking on Holy Rosary NS in Wicklow Town next Tuesday 13th December. The current topic is quite lighthearted in keeping with the time of year.

The motion is: "Scrooge is a better role model than Santa". Our team are opposing this motion so our three speakers have worked hard on their speeches to make sure that once they're finished speaking, everyone will agree that Santa Claus is a much better role model than Scrooge. 

Hopefully the judges will be persuaded enough to give our team the win!

Watch this space for pictures and results on the day!

And don't forget to wish Avamay, Aoife and Laura the best of luck!

Local History

The 4th classes have been learning all about the Bray town hall this term. We asked lots of questions including:

When was it built? Why it was built? Who built it?

We looked at lots of pictures of the building both modern and old. Here are a few of them...

After reading some information about the Brabazon family – we were lucky enough to be able to walk down and have a look at the building close up.

We see it all the time but this time we were able to go upstairs and see where the first town council meeting was held. We even saw where our very own Mr O’ Brien and Mr Behan sit when they attend town council meetings.

We re-enacted a town council meeting while we were there and discovered the answers to all our questions about the building and the statue in front of it.

Afterwards, we did some artwork and wrote out some of our newly learnt facts about the building.

Have a look at our pics and facts. Maybe you'll learn something new as well!


4th Class News

Things have been very busy in 4th class. Well done to the boys from both classes who went to the GAA  blitz in Loughlinstown. They won 2 out of 3 of their matches and did our school proud! Best of luck to the girls who are participating next week. 

This month we are learning all about Australia and The Aborigines. Both classes are working on some beautiful dot paintings inspired by The Aborigines. We have made replicas of the Sydney Opera House too. We are also learning how to do Report Writing and we are enjoying researching all about Australian culture as part of this. 

In science, Ms. Connolly's class have been busy planting and are looking forward to seeing their plants bloom in February. Ms Clarke's class are learning about the digestive system and healthy eating with the help of some experiments.

Finally both classes have been learning the song Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music - click the link to watch a clip from the movie.