UCD Week 6

We had such an amazing day at UCD for our final week. We got a tour around all the sports grounds and buildings. We even saw the Olympic size swimming pool. It was so cool!

After that we learned all about rockets and then we got to make our own. It was so much fun.

We got to let them off outside and they were so impressive that we had an audience of college students watching us.

To top it all off we even got fed before going home. We are so sad its all over but we were the luckiest class in the school to get this opportunity.

Thanks so much to UCD!!

UCD week 4

Today, for the fourth time we went to UCD. We had a lot of fun. We learned about energy. 


Someone's looking sad! 


Scientists in action!

Thumbs up!👍🏻 


Mixing hot water 💦 and cold water 💦  


Red Stains on the table!Opps! 


Scientifically Putting Colours in cups! 


Looking scientific! 


pose for the camera 🎥  

Gather around! It's amazing 😉  

Gather around! It's amazing 😉  

Look 👀 it's working! 

Look 👀 it's working! 

Yay 😊 Science! 

Yay 😊 Science! 


Balloons 🎈 


Italy and Australia

In 4th class we have been learning all about Italy and Australia. 

We know all about the Ancient Romans, Mt. Vesuvius and the foods of Italy. We even learned some Italian words. 

We learned all about the weird and wonderful animals of Australia and the native aborigine people. We did some art work just like the aborigines do. It is called Dot Painting.

We decided that we were such experts on Italy and Australia that we should make some PowerPoints on the computer and present them to each other. The classes had great fun learning new skills on the computer and presenting our projects to each other - it was pretty nerve wracking standing up in front of a whole class like that but now we know how teacher feels every day!

Here are some pictures of our presentations, and our displays,,,


UCD Science Club

4th class went to UCD again today. We made robots and had a robot war. Unfortunately some of them fell over. We had lots of fun! We had a bumpy ride there and back!


The winners of the war in action! 


Very Scientific-ish!


Waiting for a robot to work....Boring isn't it? 


Here is the ring for the robot wars.  


Gather Round folks! Welcome to robot wars!


The 2nd Placers...Ohh we'll try again next time! 



The winners are Victorious! 


Here is a close up of one of the robots we made



The new fashion:Toothbrush shoes! 

6 Week 4th Class UCD Science Program

Ms Connolly's 4th class have been very lucky. We were invited to the UCD science Department for a 6 week program.  

Every Tuesday we hop on the bus to UCD to take part in some very exciting experiments.  

The first week we got a tour of the whole building and did a cool whirlwind experiment using plastic bottles. Check out our pics... 


This week we learned how to make slime. We experimented with different materials to see which makes the best slime. Here are our pics... 


Butter Making

This week we were learning about butter with our visiting teacher Ms Gormley. We had amazing fun today when we got to make our own!!! We started off with a little cream, a rhyme and some hard work and abracadabra!!!! It tasted yummy!!!!

Discover Primary Science and Maths Award!

Absolutely amazing news today; we received word today that we have achieved the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for 2015-2016!

It is our first plaque for our newly amalgamated school!

Everyone worked so hard this year! We did wonderful experiments and had a fantastic Science Day for everyone!

Huge well done to everyone in 2nd class who hosted our Science Day.

A very special thank you and congratulations to Ms. Devlin, Ms. Brady, Ms. Grogan and Mrs. Loftus who put together our Science book!

Well again to all our budding scientists from Junior Infants to 6th class!

The Egg Experiment in 3rd Class

The Egg Experiment

We were learning all about the Digestive System. We discussed all the different parts and their functions. We focused a lot on the mouth and the teeth. The egg shell acts very similarly to the tooth so we undertook some fair testing. We compared eggs in water, in coca cola and in vingear. The egg in water acted as a control to compare the other eggs to. We left the eggs for 24 hours. The egg in water did not change. The egg in the vinegar dissolves the shell, similar to having lots of acidic in our diet. The egg shell in coca cola changed colour to a very dark brown. This shows the effect of drinking fizzy drinks, teas and coffees. We also cleaned this egg with a toothbrush; highlighting the importance of cleaning our teeth everyday.

4th Class News

Things have been very busy in 4th class. Well done to the boys from both classes who went to the GAA  blitz in Loughlinstown. They won 2 out of 3 of their matches and did our school proud! Best of luck to the girls who are participating next week. 

This month we are learning all about Australia and The Aborigines. Both classes are working on some beautiful dot paintings inspired by The Aborigines. We have made replicas of the Sydney Opera House too. We are also learning how to do Report Writing and we are enjoying researching all about Australian culture as part of this. 

In science, Ms. Connolly's class have been busy planting and are looking forward to seeing their plants bloom in February. Ms Clarke's class are learning about the digestive system and healthy eating with the help of some experiments.

Finally both classes have been learning the song Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music - click the link to watch a clip from the movie. 


Ms. Grace's 5th Class

Hi and welcome to Ms Grace’s 5th class. 

We work very hard in English, Gaeilge and Maths each day, we also like to carry out experiments in Science. We usually work in small groups to carry out our experiments. At the start of the school year we looked at the topic of Living Things. We planted daffodils in different shape containers, so daffodil planting also involved a small bit of Maths as we looked closely at the shapes of the containers that we used. Our daffodil bulbs have recently begun to grow outside our classroom window which is super news.

We enjoyed making Lava Lamps when we looked at the topic of Materials in Science. It was great to see the Lava Lamps erupting each time we popped an effervescent tablet into the water, oil and food colouring solution. Next time, we must ALL remember to wear our gloves during any experiment that involves food colouring!!!