I hope everyone is enjoying their snow days!! Here's a few pics of us getting excited at the first flurry of snow on Tuesday!! :)

Big well done to everyone who was able to make it to school on Wednesday!! (Credit to Mrs Loftus, Ms Kelly and Ms Farrell for photos)


Christmas Carol Performance :)

Today Ms Walsh's 1st Class had our Christmas Performance! The children worked very hard to learn lots of songs and rhymes, both in English and as Gaeilge. I am very, very proud of them all as they did a super job and really gave it socks!! We had a great time preparing for it and I hope the Mammys, Daddys, Nanas and everyone else who was able to make it had a great time too!

Take a look at our fabulous performers!! :) 


Butter Making

This week we were learning about butter with our visiting teacher Ms Gormley. We had amazing fun today when we got to make our own!!! We started off with a little cream, a rhyme and some hard work and abracadabra!!!! It tasted yummy!!!!


First class were learning a little about the badger this year so we decided to make our own! The children moulded their badgers from clay and painted them when they were dry. They absolutely loved it!! Take a look at them having a boogie while they work!! :)





First class went swimming for the first time today! We were all a little nervous and a lot excited!!! Everyone was very brave and ended up having a great time! Take a look at Ms Walsh's eager beavers getting ready to make waves at Shoreline! :)

Big thanks to everyone who came to help us and cheer us on :)