Playing in the Wilderness

There was some fantastic construction play in the yard today. Two separate groups of children created their own camping grounds with ‘fires’.

The children from different classes were thrilled with their fire pit. They worked really well as a team gathering their materials and constructing the pit. 



The rain didn’t even deter them from their project. 


Another group of children worked together to make a traditional camp fire. 



The two groups loved sharing their creations and ideas with each other at the end. 

Another wonderful example at how creativity can be encouraged in our large yard and grass space


I hope everyone is enjoying their snow days!! Here's a few pics of us getting excited at the first flurry of snow on Tuesday!! :)

Big well done to everyone who was able to make it to school on Wednesday!! (Credit to Mrs Loftus, Ms Kelly and Ms Farrell for photos)


Christmas Carol Performance :)

Today Ms Walsh's 1st Class had our Christmas Performance! The children worked very hard to learn lots of songs and rhymes, both in English and as Gaeilge. I am very, very proud of them all as they did a super job and really gave it socks!! We had a great time preparing for it and I hope the Mammys, Daddys, Nanas and everyone else who was able to make it had a great time too!

Take a look at our fabulous performers!! :) 


Mini All Ireland Tournament

All week there have been mini Gaelic matches going on at breaktimes. All teams had players from Junior Infants up to 3rd class. It was a great way to mix and learn skills from older classes.

The final was on today, Galway vs Monaghan.

It was a very exciting match!

Our supporters were ready

The players were in a parade before the match started.

It was a tight game with Monaghan coming out as the final winners.

The match was very delayed as it was a draw for so long. Apologies to all the Junior and Senior Infant parents who were waiting. We did expect the match and prize giving to be finished by 1.30. Like a typical All-Ireland final that was not the case!

Huge well done to all involved and to Joe, Ger, Ms Brady, Mr Moloney and Mr O Brien for organising the competition.

There were even Irish dancers there to entertain us at half time!

Well done to Monaghan who won and well done to Galway who were winning till the end.

We were very proud of our two players! They represented Junior Infants brilliantly!


Our two Junior Infant players! 

Our School Team in the Wicklow Sports!

Our school team did an amazing job on Wednesday June 7th in Charlesland for the Wicklow Sports and everyone who was chosen to represent our school as the best in their sport preformed really well.

Amazingly we had a lot of winners on the day showing we have some of the best sports people in Wicklow here in our school!!!

Congratulations to all our athletes - We are very proud of all of you!

List of Winners;

1st place

Luca Copolla in the 50m U10

Samanta Stepite in the 80m U11

Kara Molloy in the 100m U12

Jamie Lee Hanlin in the Long Throw U12

2nd place

Jake Ebbs in the Long Throw 

Kamil Mazur in the Long Jump U12

3rd place

Danielle Doyle in the 50m U9

Timur Demirkol in the 50m U9