Our School Team in the Wicklow Sports!

Our school team did an amazing job on Wednesday June 7th in Charlesland for the Wicklow Sports and everyone who was chosen to represent our school as the best in their sport preformed really well.

Amazingly we had a lot of winners on the day showing we have some of the best sports people in Wicklow here in our school!!!

Congratulations to all our athletes - We are very proud of all of you!

List of Winners;

1st place

Luca Copolla in the 50m U10

Samanta Stepite in the 80m U11

Kara Molloy in the 100m U12

Jamie Lee Hanlin in the Long Throw U12

2nd place

Jake Ebbs in the Long Throw 

Kamil Mazur in the Long Jump U12

3rd place

Danielle Doyle in the 50m U9

Timur Demirkol in the 50m U9