Debate Club

Our Debate team had a great win before Christmas against Holy Rosary NS, Wicklow Town.

The three girls did our school very proud. Here are some pictures of them in action...

This term we are preparing the other members of the club for their debut debate with the topic of racism. The group are working hard getting their speeches ready in time to show case the debate to some of the senior classes in the school in February.

After Mid Term we will be inviting Holy Rosary back to St Fergal's for another debate. 

Debate Club

Our 6th Class Debate club takes place every Tuesday after school from 2:30 -3:30pm. We discuss a range of issues that affect the students' lives as well as current affairs. Topics can vary from new school uniforms to the presidential election in the US.

We have great fun arguing with each other.

The team will be taking on Holy Rosary NS in Wicklow Town next Tuesday 13th December. The current topic is quite lighthearted in keeping with the time of year.

The motion is: "Scrooge is a better role model than Santa". Our team are opposing this motion so our three speakers have worked hard on their speeches to make sure that once they're finished speaking, everyone will agree that Santa Claus is a much better role model than Scrooge. 

Hopefully the judges will be persuaded enough to give our team the win!

Watch this space for pictures and results on the day!

And don't forget to wish Avamay, Aoife and Laura the best of luck!

Ms. Grace's 5th Class

We enjoy our Art Lessons and at Christmas we spent a day making Sock Snowmen. Although we all used rice and white socks, we all ended up with totally unique Sock Snowmen as we used different materials and buttons to decorate them.

Earlier in the school year we decided to decorate the wall area outside our classroom with a large display. We each drew a flower and coloured it in with Oil Pastels. Brigid cut each of the flowers out and put them all together to create our very own class vase. Our inspiration came from Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh. Personally, we think ours is even better than the original!

Ms. Grace's 5th Class

Hi and welcome to Ms Grace’s 5th class. 

We work very hard in English, Gaeilge and Maths each day, we also like to carry out experiments in Science. We usually work in small groups to carry out our experiments. At the start of the school year we looked at the topic of Living Things. We planted daffodils in different shape containers, so daffodil planting also involved a small bit of Maths as we looked closely at the shapes of the containers that we used. Our daffodil bulbs have recently begun to grow outside our classroom window which is super news.

We enjoyed making Lava Lamps when we looked at the topic of Materials in Science. It was great to see the Lava Lamps erupting each time we popped an effervescent tablet into the water, oil and food colouring solution. Next time, we must ALL remember to wear our gloves during any experiment that involves food colouring!!!