After School Club: Debating

Debate Club takes place every Tuesday after school. It is run by Ms. Connolly and Ms. Clarke and is only open to students in 6th Class.

Students in Debate Club learn how to write debates and speeches, and most of all, they learn to do so with confidence. A number of topics or ‘motions’ are covered every year. From ‘Aliens are Real’ to ‘Feminism has been a Success’, the students really enjoy picking are researching topics before presenting their debates to an audience.

This year has been particularly exciting for the Debate Club. Not only have they taken part in a number of in school debates, they have also researched and delivered speeches on the use of plastics in our school. They even presented to the staff at the staff meeting, as pictured below, and will soon be speaking at assemblies. Well done to all members of the Debate Team on their hard work, commitment and dedication!